The Shoes We Wore - Boston Magazine

Following a harrowing week Boston, Boston Magazine came to Zocalo for help with a unique narrative. The story need to be told with the upmost respect, clarity and focus on the individual contributions and reports. It needed to be engaging but without relying on linear storytelling techniques.

The shoes photographed for the project formed Boston Magazines May cover story and are a few of the many, many more worn by people on April 15, 2013. The web edition of the story was built to include all of the shoes featured in the cover as well as those that were submitted after the photograph was taken. Whether you ran, attended, became a first responder, or watched from around the world, Boston Magazine wanted to invite people to submit a photo of their shoes and tell their story from the 117th Boston Marathon.

This project had to be responsive, allow for the submission and editorial of shoes (images) and the included information from the submitter.

And it needed to be done in 6 days - in time for the release of the print magazine to the public.