Moving Toronto in the right direction

Zocalo goes international with a campaign to get Canadians to rethink how they get around their communities.

The Zocalo team believes not only in making the web accessible, but in making our cities accessible. In the first part of a multistage rebuild for a Canadian non-profit, we created a campaign website focused on sharing the narrative of an expansion of pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure in the Toronto-area.

The team at the Toronto Centre for Active Transportation weren't sure where to start. It had been seven years since the last overhaul to their website. They knew they needed something that could cast a wide net. Something that a bicycle-mom in Hamilton and a health researcher in York could look at and immediately grab the information they needed.

We started where any post-smartphone website should, mobile-first, and made it responsive to today's needs.

With a condensed timeline of five weeks, our ability to articulate a vision and demonstrate it for the client were essential. To aid in communication, we created a dynamic online wireframe and prototype for the client to view as the project progressed in an effort to avoid any unnecessary confusion and stress.

The hard deadline of a media rollout meant we had to work fast to figure out an architecture and configuration that would best fit a website heavy with videos. The week prior to launch, as the content streamed in, we realized we needed to break up the videos and profiles to create a cleaner aesthetic and easier navigation.

Each video in turn builds recognition for the importance of walking and cycling networks as we expand regional transportation. About It's Your Move,

Zocalo values the flexibility and ease-of-use that WordPress delivers. It's Your Move needed to start with a set of profiles and videos that would grow over time. Each of these videos and profiles had their own custom meta (read: fields) that needed to be taken in to account to ensure smooth navigation and ease of data entry. The TCAT team had previous experience with WordPress and - after many years of using Drupal - were looking to move to an easier and more customizable CMS that gave them the tools to get their message out.

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