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We design solutions that revolve around the user's experience.
we're providing more meals than ever to our customers, thanks to our custom-built ecommerce site. Mike Speights, Foodery Boston


We believe it’s important to love what you do and to surround yourself with people who are equally passionate. We love designing and developing websites. But design doesn't just mean making a website look pretty; there are actually several pieces that come in to play for each project. That's where Zocalo excels. We can help you with requirements analysis, positional and usability design as well as the functionality.


Of course your site has to look amazing and work well, but it also has to accomplish your goals. We are designer experts that can help you craft the look & feel of logos, branding and your website. With a clear sign off at each point, our clients are completely in control at all stages of the process.


There are two sides to what we do - "Front" and "Back" end. While we usually take on projects involving both, we're just as happy doing one or the other. All of our front ends are done in perfectly compliant and attractive CSS3 and HTML5, with the interactive elements brought to life with JavaScript. On the server-side we use languages such as PHP, Ruby on Rails and MySQL. If you can come up with something we can't build, we'll tell you. We've built some pretty crazy stuff, though. Zocalo has built sites dealing with everything from medical and financial data to handmade lotion.


Websites should look as good on a smartphone as they do on a computer. Whether you’re on an iPhone or an Android, your website has to be effective, impactful and useable. Thankfully, we're really good at making websites perform well on iOS and Android devices.


For many, the internet is all about business. By bringing together old-school merchandising techniques with web technologies, we've been able to help monetize many of our clients websites. Whether it's to sell more tee shirts, one-click purchasing of lip balm, or advertising sales, we've used the best analytics tools to help understand how your customers can spend more with you.


The web today is a more social place to be and once your site is live, the real work begins. But don't worry, we have you covered. We work with you to provide sophisticated digital strategy to keep you informed and making the best decisions. SEO, SEM, PPC, A/B testing and social are just a few of the ways we can help you connect you with the ideal audience.

We don't just make things.
We make things happen. Matt White, Creative Director, Zocalo

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