Point, Click, Dinner

How a bootstrapped startup partnered with Zocalo to get its delicious and nutritious meals in to the hands of hungry - and busy - customers.

Zocalo's ongoing relationship with John Bauer and Mike Speights - the two founders of The Foodery - is a perfect example of our commitment to entrepreneurs that want to grow their business. When we first met Mike and John their site was hosted on Tumblr and their transactions were a complex interweaving of resources on an external server posting orders to PayPal.

Mike and John were very concerned about allocating resources and making commitments with their business before they had the customer base to support a serious redressing of their website.

The site needed to be stabilized and allow for The Foodery to continue offering delicious meals that were easy to order.

Utilizing the existing design as our starting point, we migrated The Foodery off Tumblr with the exception of their blog. We crafted a lightweight CMS in PHP that served Foodery's immediate needs and allowed for some flexibility with an otherwise static site.

While not the site we wanted to build for John and Mike, it was good enough to allow them to keep doing what they do best - making delicious meals and getting them to people!

A few months later The Foodery let us know that it was time to see how much of the 'site of their dreams' they could have built. In this case we weren't coming in to rescue someone's disaster; we were simply back in our own work with some new requirements. Requirements such as a completely new platform for the existing eCommerce. Given the business logic we were able to achieve with a spaghetti static site you can appreciate that there was some debris to tiptoe around.

Given the timeline - in just under seven weeks the Foodery would celebrate their one year anniversary with the relaunch of their site - there were a few things that didn’t make the initial scope such as specific mobile interaction points. On one hand, the new eCommerce platform was Woocommerce, and creating a custom theme using Woocommerce's templates is no small effort. On the other hand, everything we were doing was mobile friendly.

The launch itself went very well. The site was running smoother and the content and products were easier to maintain. The number of transactions went up and a brand-new part of their business - gifting meals - took off!

As the sales continued to gain speed our attention was drawn to the neglected mobile interface.

We knew we had to give mobile visitors the same fantastic experience. Mike and John supported us when we said that we didn’t want to change anything prior to getting an accurate idea of how the new site was performing. We left the entire interface the same - making only minor responsive fixes and corrections - and continued to monitor traffic, conversions and transactions.

Though not completely 'responsive' the day it launched, The Foodery quickly updated their site shortly after launch to touch up responsive rough points.

Our work didn't just stop with building John and Mike a great site. With hands-on training and SEO best practices techniques, Foodery Boston has achieved first page results from Google in a number of key search terms in just a few short months.

Getting to the first page wasn't just solely Zocalo putting the right code and tools in place. Good SEO comes from meaningful content and Mike and John committed The Foodery to creating relevant and compelling content about their business, their products and their passion.

we're providing more meals and a better experiences to our customers, thanks to our relationship with Zocalo. Mike Speights, Foodery Boston

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